Family Photo Shoot: Rider Family in Genesee County Park

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Here is a sneak peak of the Rider Family Photo Shoot that I did at the Genesee County Park! Almost two years ago I photographed their wedding! Enjoyed! :-)

Jim and Cristal are Married! Burgundy Basin in Pittsford, NY

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Here is a sneak peak of a wedding that I just photograph over the weekend! Enjoyed!


Celebration Shots! :-)                                                                                 

Behind the Scene: NYSPHSSA Boys Ice Hockey Championship

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Last month, I had the privilege to document to the NYSPHSAA Boys Ice Hockey Championship! This year, I wanted to be different from the past years! It's amazing what you can do if you setup a remote camera in two different locations! Of course, it is wised to ask permission first to see if it can be done! Being humbled here, we (my cousin and I) were allow too! The first camera that was setup was on a catwalk structure, this one was photographing over the goalie. What we used was called a Manfrotto 143BKT camera platform, a variable friction magic arm quick release again by Manfrotto, plus a clamp that was used by Manfrotto. I used cable wires as well for safety wise. Plus used the camera strap to but an additional protection as well! The camera body was used was the Canon Mark 1D IV and the lens was a Canon 24-70 2.8F version 1. Plus I used a Pocket wizard to help capture the moment. When getting ready to capture the moment, it is best to do some practice shots. During the warm ups, I would do a pre-focus setup to make sure everything looks alright. After that is done, it's game time! Here are two pictures of the results of what we were able to create!

Picture 1 

Picture 2


The good thing about having a camera above is that it gives you an angel if you were unable to document it. I know there have been times this has helped me out this years tournament.


Some times, it doesn't always capture what you want to see. There are times when there is just nothing going on at all during the play. Of course there is the delete button to help cut down on the photographs. Believe it or not, but I think we shot around 1,000 or 2,000 pictures. I think of all four games that we shot at this angel - I was able to get it down to roughly 40 pictures per game. I try to make life easier when viewing the photographs! :-)

Now, the next camera was setup was behind the goalie; however, it was photographing through the glass which makes it tough though! The idea behind thought was what if there was a great goal score or save or reaction shot. I was very lucky to again have one shot. You can see the example below


I was able to get some photographs, but not many though. It was an interesting shot to get just one.


Again, just not many photographs to capture the moment. If I do it next year, I am plan on setting up a different location.


To view the event of photographs click here for day 1 and click here for day 2

The Facebook Photo

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This is a example of the new "The Facebook Photo" product. Giving you the viewer of how the image would look on a Facebook screen. If you have any questions - you are always welcome to email me any time!

NPPA - Serrata Placed 3rd in the NPPA Region 2 of Feb.

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It's been a very long time to see a photograph placed in the NPPA Region 2 Competition! However, what is even better to see my friend Gut placing First in the same category too! The funny part is that, he photograph the same team that actually won in OT the week before... and I... well... I get the chance to photographing them well... losing. Felt bad but hey, it's amazing what you can capture! :-)