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So! This trip has been in the works that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. For whatever odd reason due to the planning process, I wasn't able to go until now. I tell you one thing, I am very happy that I finally got a chance to go. If I ever get another chance to do this, trust me - I will go again. The walk was amazing through this area. There was tons of people walking through it. Plus they were taking their family photographs as well. If this was durning the fall, I bet the photographs will be even more amazing. It was breath taking when photographing this place! I am very happy that I finally got a chance to go. Take a look at the photos! :-)

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SERRATAPHOTO: Travel with SERRATA Series - Naples, NY (Part 2)

So the top photograph was a place that I stayed over in Naples! It was a great place to have some s'mores even when it rain! 

(Top Photo) Now I saw this out in Main Street and I said to myself, I better get this one photograph! 

Naples is well known for the Vine (top Photo).

The above photograph is the Naples Hotel Restaurant. Since it was early in the morning, I was unable to get something to eat but I thought it would be kewl to take a photograph of it.

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SERRATAPHOTO: Travel with SERRATA Series - Naples, NY (Part 1)

Earlier this month, I was out in Naples, NY I had a chance to stop over at Bob's 'N' Ruth's The Vineyard! The food was great! The cool thing about the place was an old 70's diner which was nice. Great people and food of course!

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Senior Portraits: OA's Kaitlyn

It feels like it's been a very long time since my last posting. Last October, I had the pleasure photograph OA's Kaitlyn out in Akron Falls, NY.  Check it out!

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SERRATAPHOTO - Lens Review for Portraits - 3/25/2018 The Canon 85mm lens f/1.2 was used in this photograph. The Setting was 1/1000 sec at F/1.2, ISO 200. This one was my favorite for an opening photograph! Hello Everyone! Sorry for the long delay in posting on my website. It's been pretty busy with both jobs! Just wanted to do a blog about lens that I will be using for my upcoming senior, wedding and family photography session. In the past, I have always used my 24-70mm lens f/2.8 and 70-200mm lens f/2.8 both made by Canon. The reason that I'm adding the 35mm f/1.4f, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2 and 135 f/2.0 (135mm down the road) these lens are met for portraits. I have used them for other documentation but in the end they are really met for portraits. These prime lens that offer low light which will help capture the moment if it is dark. The quality is great! Lens are met to last over a camera body. Nothing personal against my cameras, they do a great job; however, in the end the glass is met to last forever as long as you take care of them!

This past Friday I met with Shelby, who is interest in modeling for fun in The Webster Arboretum at Kent Park. We had a lot fun! She is a very positive person, open about photography and ideas on what we can create! I really like that because it helps each other out when creating a photograph. I do see this now and then during my senior portraits, family and weddings too. Pictures should mean a lot to a person; because, in history if you ever wanted to show to your family or future family what you look like back then it always helps! Any whoo, back to the lens review:

Canon 35mm lens is a very clean, sharp and wonderful lens to have! This lens does give you almost like a natural view look when photographing. What I like about the lens that is you are closer to you subject or person. See some of the examples that I have taken.

Canon 85mm lens now that is a lens that I am very happy that I purchased. Even though this is getting you a little closer, you still get amazing photographs! There is a distances from your subject which does come in handy when you need it! Take a look at the samples!

Thank you for checking out my blog! I am hoping to be able to do more this year!

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Senior Portraits: Alexander's Eric Meet Eric! We had a lot of fun working together! He is majoring in Communication in the radio/tv area! Had the honor to photograph his senior portraits out in Alexander, NY! Check it out!

(Above) This is one of our favorites that we worked together to get this photograph right!

(Above) He does like to hunt, I was very lucky to have his dad and brother to help me out when using a natural lighting filter.

(Above) I was very lucky to have his younger brother to help me out when lighting the photograph correctly!

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March 2019 (rough draft) It maybe be in the near future, but the plan is to make a trip down to NYC

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March 2020 (rough draft) - UPDATE 4/16/17 So! This is an idea that I want to do in the near future! Here it is:

3/6 & 3/7 Boys Swimming & Diving in Nassau Aquatics Center

Do to my main job, this will be the only time that I will be able to do this.

North Carolina trip

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May 2018 (rough draft) Again very early to talk about. However, if the Hot Air Balloon ride that I will like to go this September with my cousin - I will love to try it again at Letchworth State Park Memorial Day weekend. Other than that, I'm not sure what the plans are yet for the NYS High School Rodeo Championship is still.

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Mar 2018 (Rough Draft) Can't believe that I am already thinking about next year! Here is a rough draft. Remember, things will be update as we get closer to next year! :-)

NYSPHSAA Boys Swimming and Diving or Cheerleading or Bowling

3/10 and 3/11 NYSPHSAA Ice Hockey in Buffalo, NY

3/16 to 3/18 Girls or Boys Basketball finals

Maple Syrup?

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Jan & Feb 2018 (Rough Draft) update on 4/18/17 (Jan just added) In past history, I usually try to stay a head of the game. This will be use as a rough draft Calendar. I will be keeping track of current and future plans for each month. So stay in tune. There are ideas that I will like to expand. I maybe adding or subtracting. In the end, this will help planning the business photography ideas.


1/15/17 Lake Placid Invit. Cross-Country Skiing :-)


GR vs NO Girls Swimming Championship - (TBD)

GR League Cheerleading - (TBD)

LCAA Cheerleading - (TBD)

Section V Nordic Championship - (TBD)

Section V Alpine Boys Championship - (TBD)

Section V Alpine Girls Championship - (TBD)

Chocofrolic on Main Street in Geneseo - (TBD)

NYSPHSAA Wrestling?

Section V Cheerleading

NYSPHSAA Skiing Championship in Bristol Mountain

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Where is Nick going to be July 15th, 2017 - December 2017 (Update-7/15/17 @ 10:40AM - July) Here is the upcoming line up for me:

July 15, 2017


15th & 16th working at the home office

22nd - a Wedding to Videography 


3rd or 4th - Attica Rodeo

26th August Wedding to cover



Section V Girls Golf Championship

Section V Fall Cheerleading Championship


Field Hockey Championship

Girls Swimming Championship

Girls Volleyball Championship

Football Championship


Cleveland, OH - NYSPHSAA Boys Basketball Game TBD/TBA

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SERRATAPHOTO - Preview schedule for June 2016 - update as of 5/8/16 I know it's been a very long, long time since I have posted where is Nick going to be. So! Here are the upcoming travels:

June 5th and 6th - Ithaca, NY: NYSPHSAA Boys Golf Championship

June 10th and 11th - Glen Falls, NY area: NYSPHSAA Softball Championship

June 12th - Burnt Hills, NY (maybe)

June 15th - Scranton, PA (night)

June 16th - Scanton, PA (morning)/Long Neck, DE (night)

June 17th - Long Neck, DE (Wedding)/ Somewhere in VA - TBD

June 18th - Somewhere in VA - TBD/Albemarle, NC (Wedding)/Charleston, WV (night)

June 19th - Charleston, WV (morning): A Date to Remember/Pittsburgh, PA (Night)

June 20th - Pittsburgh, PA (morning)/Brockport, NY (4PMish)

June 24th - HS Graduation TBD

June 25th - HS Graduation TBD

June 26th - Fly in Breakfast Fundraiser at 10AM/2PM HS Graduation TBD

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SERRATAPHOTO - Website Updating Well, I have been working on my website. I still have to go a year back to update some wedding and family portraits for my portfolio. I will be working on it again this week or weekend. So keep an eye on it! :-)

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SERRATAPHOTO: Spring State Sports that I will be at! Yesterday, after speaking with the NYSPHSAA - we have found an agreement on the following Spring State Sports that I will be covering for them. They are:

June 5th & 6th, 2016 - Boys Golf Championship - Ithaca, NY

June 11th, 2016 - Softball Championships - Moreau, NY

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SERRATAPHOTO - Passed the 9000 visitor mark! Earlier this week, it was recorded that the SERRATAPHOTO Website went over the 9,000 visitor. I have had this website back in April 2013 when the change was made. That isn't too shabby if you ask me! I still like to thank everyone new vistor that comes to this website. Your support has helped me over the years! As of today (4/2/2016), the website has had over 9,068 visitors that have stop over to SERRATAPHOTO! Thank you again!

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SERRATAPHOTO - Update contracts with the AHA After 6 (2009-2015) years, I will not be covering this years Atlantic Hockey Championships. I have to admit I'm okay with it. You have to understand, I can use a break. Plus there was a changed last year in staffing wise. The new photographer will now be taken over the AHA and also the College Hockey Assoication (women's). In the past, I was only able to do one (AHA). So, I do wish the best of luck to the new photographer that will be taking over. Who knows, maybe he or she can take it to the next level.

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SERRATAPHOTO - Atlantic Hockey Association Contract This is my first time, that my contact is up for negotiation. I have photographing the event roughly around 2009 up till now. Contracts are not my favorite thing to talk about but it does have to be done. I hope to get it again. Lets see how this one goes.

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SERRATAPHOTO - Brockport College FYI Due to my busy schedule, I will not be able to attend the WNY Media Connection. Maybe a year or two down the road, I will like to look into it again.

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SERRATAPHOTO - I have been in a selfie photograph! In all of my years that I have covered photography assignments, I have been asked once to be in a selfie photograph. I said no; because, well... I was working. Well... things changed. On 2/15/16 during Sectional Girls Basketball Game out in Byron-Bergen, I was asked. From what was explained to me, she was dared by her friends. To be honest, I had no idea what to say; because, well... I don't normally do selfie photographs; because, I'm the one taking the picture. At first, I thought she met that she wanted me to take a photograph of her and friends. That is the part I said yes. Nope, I didn't hear her correctly. She takes out her smartphone, I realized she wanted me to be in the picture. All I did is smiled. That was it. The picture was done and she said thank you and I said no problem. I have to admit it was different, but I am very thankful she did ask me, though. Will I be in people's selfies? That is a very good question! I guess all you have to do is ask.

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