Future of Dinning out... just a little FYI and oh back in the good old days

November 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So last night, I was out in Applebee's in good old Ithaca, NY. It's been a very long time since I have been out to eat. Keep in mind Applebee's is a chain restaurant. It was sort of late, like past 8:30 pm. I get in, it was only me getting something to eat (I didn't feel like having McDonalds or Burger King). So, the young lady, who I thought was my waitress but was actually the host - had me sit at the one table. I thought, they would have had me sit at the bar - but I'm okay eating at the table - however it was big table.... weird. At the table, though, there was this SMART device. I'm like what on earth is this? Of course, I had to ask; because, I'm like is there something that I miss when I first came in? So she took the time and went over about the new SMART device. It was kind of neat - you can order appetisers, desserts, and oh heck you can play games for only .99 cents. So I explain to her, that I am a little old fashion (yup being 30 years old) and I can wait for the waiter. Well... that didn't last long. I did try out the device and put in an appetiser order in. It was the sweet potatoes. They have these really different dipping sauces. It was cheap, under $5!  So finally the waiter came in and took my order plus the drink as well. Pepsi and chicken tender dinner. Again just keeping it simple right now; because, I will like to get back to the hotel and get some sleep! So he put the order in (from what I understand the appetisers did go through plus brought my Pepsi asap) than less than 10 minutes there was the backup waiter that stop by. He explained to me, the guy has left, and it was going to be a long night for him. I have no clue what he met by that. Not sure if he just got fired or what. So after that the hold deal, there was this waitress that stop by with my appetisers. Then 5 minutes later my main food. The food, of course, was good. However, I notice the SMART device trying to grab my attention and asked me if I wanted a refill of the Pepsi. Now... would you rather have a computer asking if you want a refill or a person? I know there must have been a person asking me on the other side of the restaurant if I will like a refill. It's just not the same. The interesting part is when it came down to paying. I didn't have to wait for the person, I used the SMART device. I was trying to help them out since they were busy. The problem was how much do you tip? I barely talk to the Applebee's staff during the entire time. If there was one person, it would have been the host. Before she had me to take a seat, she asked me something. I had no clue what she said. I told her, I'm very sorry not sure what you asked. It's been a very long day - I have been photographing the girls swimming and diving event. She thought that was kewl! So she asked me if I was a sports photographer. I explain to her that I am a photographer specialist; because, I photograph beside sports, but news events, weddings, and senior photos. She got a kick out of that one. The question that still remains is how much do you tip? Luckily, I used my grandfather thinking methods. Tip cheap... just kidding, I tipped about 17% instead of 20%; however, I hope that the money to the host instead of the waiter, who for whatever odd reason left for the night. Plus the backup well was back up with his work. The girl that drops off the food, nothing against her, I only saw her... about what... 5 seconds per leaving the food at my table. So, I'm just hoping it went to the host instead of the rest them. I should have brought cash; because, who knows maybe the money did go to that waiter that bailed on me. Oh well. So the question remains, is this the future services for restaurants. I hope not. These are odd jobs if anyone has forgotten. Then again, because the wonderful NYS passed the $15 min. the wage increases these are the reason why there are fewer humans in the job field. Sad to say. However, I will talk about a happier note!  Since I mention about the restaurant and my grandfather... back when he was alive and he was in good health. We are going back to the 90s so we are going back to the past. So when it came time to pay the bill (He had 8 daughters and 1 son), he slowly pulled his wallet out; while, his children would be shelling out the bills. Oh course, we - the cousins would be watching all of this. My grandfather would slowly rake the money in plus tip too! Of course, the girls would say Hay! That's not your money! He would be chuckling. I think the better story to this day, is way before my times. I think it was Aunt Helen, who caught him exchanging a $20 bill in the offering plate at church. That is my grandfather for you. 


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