Customer Care (1/1/15)

What’s Customer Care? It’s another way to say Customer Service, but in SERRATAPHOTO language. I believe that when a customers needs help - you are always welcome to contact me at any time! Any email request does take a 24 hour response. My email is [email protected] If anything changes, I will let you know. Here are some Q&A:
1. How to ID a person:
If you need any help in finding a photograph of event please let me know: MM/DD/YY plus what the event was called. It does help me out when searching for your son, daughter, or an adult. From there I can research to be able to find them. If it is an sporting event - please let me know which school and/or number on their jersey. That really helps me out. I know for example - golf. It can be pretty hard to ID someone; because, they may have the same uniform. However, what will help me out is - what is their color of their eyes and hair? Do they have groovy pants or shorts? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when trying to ID someone. From there, I can email you which photograph number they are!
2. I’m having a hard time ordering, can you please help me?:
Of course! For those who have trouble ordering prints and will like help, again you can email me. The turn around takes around 24 hours or sooner. When you submit your request, I will need to know: 1A when the event was? 1B who the person is (see number 1)? 1C which products you like to order? 2A. For photograph wise, what size you like? 2B. some times you can let me know: horizontal or vertical (depends on the photograph)? 3. how many will you like? From there, I can go on my website. Pull up the information, put them in the system, like what sizes you want. Crop the photograph correctly. From there, I can email you the results. If you do like it, you can go to check out or email me if there is a mistake and I will correct! Then re-email you ASAP! This idea was brought to my attention in Dec. 2014 and I thought it might be a good idea to let people know about it.
3. Mr. Nick/Mr. Serrata/Mr. Photograph, I don’t have the time to put a book together can you please help me out?
The answer is YES! However (I am sorry!), there is a process fee that does go with it. It is only $15.00 additional to the book (plus the shipping handling/NYS tax part too). I do accept Paypal for something like this. Once the payment is received; from there you can let me know: What kind of a book you want. What size? How many pages? After that, I will need to know: when the event or events happen. Who the person is or if there is more than one person. From there I can process it! Send you the email and let you take a look at it. If you like it, you can proceed to check out if not, you can email me. I will correct and email it back to you!
4. Do I offer share services (In example - print products, other products, and/or books)?
YES! Again this is very new and I am very happy to offer this! Please keep in mind, the rates are going to be different from my photography services when I am on the field. For the first time, you are welcome to use my printing company that I go through! You can email me the original size photographs. From there, I can put it into a gallery under Customer Care Services (CCS). There will be a separate gallery under CCS, their folder only with a password only for the person that wants to use it. You are welcome to: make your own prints, other products (for example playing cards, a Day Planner, etc.) and even a book! Again for those who need help, all you have to do is email me. Again if you ask me about needing help putting the book together. The answer will be yes, the charge fee will be a little higher though. Only $25.00. Keep in mind you can use book for: High School Graduation present! Anniversary present! Mom or Dad’s birthday! A year of a accomplishments for whatever it maybe! Even your child’s 1st, 16th, 18th, and etc. birthday! Here at SERRATAPHOTO, I believe opportunities do exist! All you have to do is ask! To put the book together, I will need at least either 3 or 4 weeks advance before the day that you need it.
Please keep in mind, my goal is to offer the best customer care! I know I can be annoying, but I care in preserving peoples history! Again, any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me at any time!